ApuntA system

The apunta system is a modern system of auto scoring and livescore for the padel.

How It Work ?

ApuntA is a modern system that uses a revolutionary touch sensor to score.

Patented sensors

The touch sensors are patented, we use the most revolutionary technology to make the system more friendly.


Using the ApuntA system is very intuitive, just follow the small instructions on the screen to make the score.

Easy to use

To keep the score you just have to touch the sensor included in your track, tap quickly to raise the score and hold the touch to correct that score.

What is ApuntA?

Revolutionary digital scoreboard

ApuntA is creative, elegant, modern, digital scoreboard system perfectly designed for padel and tenis. Compatible with all padel courts with 10 or 12mm tempered glass. The system has been tested on multiple manufactured courts. It includes a two or more touch sensor patented.

What include the ApuntA system kit?


ApuntA is creative, elegant, modern system.


ApuntA is a modern digital scoreboard

ApuntA is a new and modern scoreboard with which you can take the score of the game without any complications.

You can use the scoreboard for friendly or championship games.There is also a training mode.

Patented touch sensors

With the ApuntA system, you will use our patented touch sensors to keep the score yourself

The sensors are designed to work in the 10 or 12mm regulatory tempered glass. You should only briefly touch the sensor to raise the score or hold to correct the score.

If you wish, you can also use mobile applications designed to virtualize the sensors and that an referee can take the score.

ApuntA is able to record

ApuntA are included a camera with you can record your match or training.

When you configure your match, you can select an option to record a match. The match are recorded with the live score embedded on the area. Now you can watch your matches and know the puntation!

The video is send automatically to the e-mail for the player.

ApuntA can make a live stream!

You can integrate ApuntA system on you YouTube account

ApuntA can connect to you YouTube account and make a live stream for the matches.

Now the score is embedded in the live stream! Make the championships in your club of your choice, broadcast them live as if they were professionals.

What People Say

ApuntA is creative, elegant, modern, clean digital scoreboard for padel and tenis.

Our Partners

ApuntA is creative, elegant, modern, clean digital scoreboard for padel and tenis.


ApuntA is creative, elegant, modern, clean digital scoreboard for padel and tenis.

What include the kit?

The kit are include - 1 Box, 2 capactivie sensors, 1 camera, all cables necessaries, 1 holder for camera.

Can i install it myself?

We recommend that the installation be carried out by our technicians, but yes, the kit can be installed by yourself, we provide the plans and installation manual.

Can buy more sensors?

Yes, if you want place more sensors in your court, only say us.

What else do i need?

You need to use/buy a standar TV or monitor (we don't need smart tv) for display the images and a stable internet connection for make live stream.

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